Metropolitan Wireless International: Telematics and its advantages for fleets

Properly implementing telematics is necessary nowadays because it could increase driver safety and productivity. Many companies also regard this technology as a competitive advantage. Enforcing policies, modifying driver behavior, and reducing fuel costs are some of the major advantages of telematics technology, based on reviews made by MWI Consultants.


It is evident that our modern world is becoming more connected every day, and one of the reasons why is the constant change in methods used in location-based information brought by different applications for telematics. In order to coordinate a large number of vehicles fleets handle, they choose to use fleet management software - a branch of telematics. Telematics and its strong impact on fleet effectiveness show its great importance to the management of fleet vehicles.


Metropolitan Wireless International Consulting found that some of the hidden advantages of telematics include right-sizing your fleet, optimal replacement planning, reducing downtime, and fraud prevention. One of the capabilities of telematics is enabling fleet managers to identify underutilized units more accurately and evaluate utilization patterns of every asset.


Telematics provide full particulars of odometer reporting, fleet maintenance issues, driving habits and vehicle utilization patterns to enhance the vehicle life cycle planning of fleet managers as well as lower the fleet's overall costs. It can also help you prevent any serious problems that may cause large costs and downtime because telematics can alert you beforehand about impending vehicle maintenance events.


Telematics can guide fleet managers to take proactive action on determining extended downtime events, calculating the overall cost of employee productivity and other related costs. With this technology, it is also possible to prevent fraud wherein it can help you identify when jobs are reported as completed but drivers were never at the particular location, or when fuel purchases don't match up with the location or vehicle.


Metropolitan Wireless International has been providing advanced solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems since 2009, and one of which is the TelematicsHUB. It is a complete solution for improving the efficiency of vehicle transportation on roads.